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All New – Complete Boards from Shark Wheel

Comes with 72mm DNA Shark Wheels.  MADE IN USA.

39” x 10” 100% Canadian Maple board
Comes with:
*72mm, 78a Shark Wheel DNA Wheels
*Shiver 180mm reverse kingpin trucks with reversible hangar
*Shiver Abec 9 built-in spacer bearings
*Black and gray grit grip tape
*Perfect concave & flex

Shark Wheels

  • Superior All-Terrain Performance. Reinvention of the Wheel
  • Scientifically proven advantages: rough terrain, friction in motion, longer lasting
  • As seen on Shark Tank, the Discovery Channel, FedEx Commercials, FOX
  • Shark Wheels used by multiple Fortune 500 companies in other industries
  • 57% Less Friction When in Motion


Look at the detail that goes into the ordering/planning process:





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