Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shark Wheel? Shark Wheel LLC is a company located in Lake Forest, California dedicated to making the most unique, innovative and technologically advanced wheels in the marketplace. David Patrick’s scientific discovery led to the literally reinvention of the wheel, which is flat on six sides and displays many performance advantages compared to the traditional wheel. This biomimetic invention is nearly identical to the shape of a shark’s jaw. When in motion, the wheel appears to be a rolling cube, although it feels perfectly circular when riding. The thin profile of the Shark Wheel enables it to have low rolling resistance and achieve the same speeds of a traditional wheel of comparable width. The Shark Wheel, however essentially transforms into a wide wheel when it loses traction on soft terrains, such as sand or gravel. It displays the same characteristics as a thin wheel and a wide wheel in one design.
Were you that company from Shark Tank? Yes. It was a great experience and something that was not easy to prepare for. We only had a couple weeks to build all of our prototypes (stroller, wagon, etc) and had to build them by hand.. so they weren’t perfect. But, the sharks saw the potential, the revenue, and the opportunity. They also understood the performance advantages we bring to the table. Shark Wheel in the Shark Tank!
The design is based on the shape of actual shark jaws.