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Shark Wheel’s newest innovation solves the biggest issue in the following industries:

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1. Reduce Tension

2. Maintain Register

3. Eliminate Wrinkles

4. No-Stick Solution

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Problem and Solution

In the printing world, a spool of material (could be a newspaper, labels printed on everyday food products, etc) moves over retraction rollers, where the material is printed on. After the printing is completed, the material moves over more rollers before feeding into a final printed spool. All of this occurs in one machine with 20-30 rollers on average. 

The issue: the faster the material goes through the machine, the more the material moves off-center. (To envision this, think of a printer at your home or work where the scanner or the printer starts printing paper at an angle and gets jammed) This is a huge problem and the only way to mitigate this is to tension the material. This means that tension rods stretch the material tightly on the long ends so the material is forced toward center. The stretching of the material creates a whole host of other problems where the printing has to be reconfigured and many other things are compromised. Overall, the issue of centering makes printers have to use tension rods.

The solution:  Shark Advantage Sheets. The hypothesis was that the left-right-left-right oscillations of the sinusoidal design would naturally push the material toward center. The same way the left-right-left-right shape of the wheel averages to perfectly center and our wheel moves effectively in a straight line. If we could outfit all existing rollers with tape that had a raised Shark Wheel wave pattern on top, the material would only touch the Shark Wheel wave.

The Test

Tests were conducted by several industry leaders and operators were able to lower their tension by 20%. Materials stayed centered

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Shark Wheel Tape Animation
Multiple Shark Wheel Tape Rollers
Printing Machine with Shark Wheel Tape
Zoomed in Shark Wheel Tape in Action