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  • Brand new MEGALODON formula.
  • Fast, soft and superior grip.
  • Best wheel in the world over rough terrain (pebbles, debris, sand, water, etc).
  • Made in USA
  • Schnell, weich und überlegener Grip.
  • Welt bestes Rad auf rauen Terrain (Sand, Wasser, Kies, Schutt, etc).
  • Hergestellt in den USA
  • 95mm diameter x 76mm wide
  • All MEGALODON formula wheel purchases comes in sets of 4 wheels total

*Estimated delivery is scheduled for early August

*Hub design is accurate.

*Fits all standard longboards.

*May fit bigger longboard models. Uses same hub as Orangatang Kegels (same manufacturer).

***No refunds on Pre-orders of 95mm wheels

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Weight 1.3 kg


  1. Ondrej

    I bought these giant wheels back when they were still called “Blue Electric”, and I am riding them ever since. They are mounted on a LDP (pumping) setup- and man, are they riding smooth.

    I used to ride 72mm Abec11 “70ties Flashback”s, a classic for longboards. Then I switched to 72mm sharkwheels, and they were already soooo much nicer. No trouble with gravel and pebbles, no worries with crack in the asphalt- simply no fear of “sudden death” no matter what the speed. And rolling a lot easier over any quality of asphalt.

    Then I saw those monster wheels, and thought to myself they should be even better for the bad asphalt around here- plus, the added inerta of the big mass wheels should help keeping up speed when pumping long distances. And I was right. Those 95mm wheels actually roll lighter than your normal 70mm “flatfoot” wheels!

    A few days ago I let my son try out the 72mm sharkwheels on his surfskate board- I am not likely getting those back ;-D
    At the same time I swapped the Abec11 he was using until then onto my pumper just to test the difference again- and I did-not-like-them-anymore.

    I also put 60mm sharkwheels on my daughter’s Pennyboard. Big success.

    (Disclaimer: The Abec11 are awsome wheels, and served me well for years! Any “flat” wheels just don’t compare to sharkies anymore for me…)

  2. Pierre Tricoire

    I’ve mounted those 95mm wheels on my 43 inches Globe longboard and they are fantastic!
    I was previously riding on 90mm (classic 78a wheels), but compared to the Shark wheels, the Ride is much faster and smoother on rough surfaces: dirt roads, pebbles…
    On classic roads, I find them even more confortable and cool to ride. I highly recommend them.
    Thanks a lot to Lukas and their customer service team for having kept me in touch while they were out of stock. 🙂

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