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72 mm wheels shark wheel

Where is shark in Shark Wheels

Where is shark in Sharkwheel ?

One of the most common question we get is why we chose the name Sharkwheels. Short answer: because sharks and Sharkwheels have a lot in common.

“But the sharks I know don’t look like square-shaped circles,” you protest.

Alright, here is the long answer for you:


Our wheels are named Sharkwheels because the shape closely resembles shark’s jaw – a circular cube.


By looking at nature for inspiration, we literally re-invented the wheel – reduced friction, made it faster, more reliable and longer-lasting. We like the shark analogy for other reasons, too. Like sharks, we are fast, active and disruptive. We want to change the industry and better people’s lives with our invention. And feedback we are getting confirms we are on the right path. Marc, a recent customer, said he will NEVER use normal wheels again – and we think you won’t either.